We study latitudinal community changes between fossil coral reefs from the last interglacial (MIS5e; approx. 125,000 years ago) and modern coral reefs in the Red Sea. This will yield important insights into ecosystem stability and biogeographic shifts, and will be a major step forward in understanding the responses of coral reefs to global warming. 



  • Line intercept transects of a total length of 100 meters in fossil and modern reefs
  • Comparison of corals and associated molluscan fauna
  • Additional photoquadrats in coral reefs
  • Sediment cores in modern reefs to reconstruct historical ecology
  • Species distribution modelling

Fossil Porites colony from late Pleistocene (MIS5e) reef at Marsa Alam 

© Angelina Ivkic

Modern Porites colony from the northern Red Sea 

© Martin Zuschin