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April 2022

Welcome, Julia!

Julia Mayr (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) is starting a research project as part of her Masters´ degree. She will analyze pictures from recent Sudanese reefs. Welcome aboard!

März 2022

Congratulations, Sebastian!

Sebastian Valerio finished his MSc thesis with the title "A study of the community structure and zonation of hard and soft corals through the use of photo-transects at two offshore reefs in the central Red Sea". We congratulate you to a great thesis and wish you all the best for your PhD!

November 2021

Fieldwork in Sudan

We are back from three weeks on board of Don Questo. Together with our colleagues from the Red Sea University we investigated the modern offshore reefs south of Port Sudan. We are thankful for the fantastic collaboration and are looking forward to working on the exciting new data we collected! Thank you to everyone who joined and supported this successful trip!

April 2021

Congratulations, Anna!

Anna Haider finished her BSc thesis with the title "The molluscan fauna of a late Pleistocene reef at Sharm El Luli (southern Egypt, Red Sea)". Thank you for your hard work and we wish you all the best for your future!

September 2020

Congratulations, Felix!

The first BSc student in our project finished his BSc thesis. Congratulations, Felix Puff to a great thesis! As Felix was very hard-working during his project, we decided to keep him a little longer in our team. So you will be hearing more from Felix in the near future.


Welcome, Sebastian!

Sebastian Valerio is starting his MSc thesis with us. He will analyze pictures from recent Sudanese reefs. Welcome in our team!

Summer term 2020

Welcome, Anna and Felix!

We are happy to announce that two students joined us in our project. Anna Haider and Felix Puff will be doing their Bachelor thesis with us! Felix will analyze photo-quadrat pictures we took in fossil & recent reefs in Egypt and Sudan, while Anna is still exploring the possibilities and she is currently having a first glance at fossil sediments. Welcome in our project!


Second fieldwork in Egypt

Our second fieldwork in Egypt is completed as well. We spent three intense weeks working on the fossil reefs between Al Quseir and Sharm El Luli. We have a lot of fossil data from Egypt now and are looking forward to analyze it as soon as possible!


Exploration of Sudanese reefs

The reefs in Sudan look good! We just came back from a dive trip to explore the modern reefs in Sudan and were impressed by the amount of fish and healthy coral. We did not observe any widespread signs of bleaching due to high temperature either, even though the surface water temperature was 32 degrees Celsius. Special thanks to our colleagues Götz Reinicke, Johannes Höhn, Rebecca Klaus and Michael Kriegl for their companionship and highly appreciated tips for future trips. We are also thankful for the wonderful team of Don Questo, who made our time on board unforgettable!

The team visiting the lighthouse on the Sanganeb atoll